Women and NFL Jerseys

Obsidian made the case a while back that women don’t find the Mannings sexy. (His wordpress blog has been deleted so I can’t find the link for it.) But according to CNBC, Peyton Manning has the #2 best selling jersey among women (out-selling the more glamorous Tom Brady) and Eli is #8. Here the top ten:

1. Troy Polamalu

2. Peyton Manning

3. Drew Bress

4. Aaron Rodgers

5. Tom Brady

6. Tim Tebow

7. Miles Austin

8. Eli Manning

9. Tony Romo

10. Jason Witten

For a racial breakdown, that’s eight whites, one African-American and one Samoan. Also of note, the sad-sack beta handing the girl a $20 bill.


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White Knighting the Princess of Country

OneSTDV has written several posts defending country superstar Taylor  Swift and holds her up as the symbol of all that is great about White Christian America. (White Christian Americans of course, love to wear tight leather pants, slide down a pole and then writhe on the floor) A little more than a week ago, OneSTDV defended Swift from Counting Crows, frontman Chris Robinson who denied Swift’s talents. Personally, I say that Swift is a half-decent songwriter for her age (perhaps she’ll get better) with a pretty but flat voice. Let’s face it,she’s not Carole King or Carly Simon

Rule 5, baby!

Despite Swift’s seemingly sweetheart image, she’s actually quite passive-aggressive and vindictive. (See her SNL monologue song)  But Swift’s new ballot “Innocent” which she debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards, heavily speculated to be about Kanye West. (The lyrics “32, and still growin’ up now” and “You’ll have new Septembers” are particularly telling) takes the cake. She basically damns West with faint praise and tells he still has time to improve himself. Now of course, Kanye West is a horse’s ass, but if being interrupted at a phony awards show is such a traumatic experience that she releases a song about a year later, it might say more about her than it does about the actual event. Perhaps she’s a pampered princess who never has to deal with real adversity. This doesn’t mean she’s not a capable songwriter, but she has her own maturation issues to deal with. So perhaps Swift is a cultural symbol, a symbol all the girls we went to high school with who had sweet exteriors and bitchy cores. Hardly a part of America worth defending.

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Good piece by Entropy

Entropy has a very good post on the various stages of PUA development and what to do from there. I found myself lying in the Intermediate range. Check it out and see where you lie.


Also, I don’t throw around the term  “misandry” too often, but these damn Corona ads (especially the one where the guy squirts lime juice in his own eye) are really pissing me off. Know your target audience, man.

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“Sex In The City” Strikes a Blow for the West

Like most men and most sensible women, I’ve always found “Sex In the City” to be extremely self-indulgent and stupid. (Plus the cast is waaay too old for this shit) But I’m quite amused by various reviews in a “enemy of enemy” sense. Like a crude drawing of Mohammad, a movie like this likely won’t persuasive, but it might be fun.

Wajahat Ali for Slate.com:

Michael Patrick King’s exquisitely tone-deaf movie is cinematic Viagra for Western cultural imperialists who still ignorantly and inaccurately paint the entire Middle East (and Iran) as a Shangri La in desperate need of liberation from ignorant, backward natives. Historian Bernard Lewis, the 93-year-old Hall of Fame Orientalist and author of such nuanced gems as “The Arabs in History” and “Islam and the West,” would probably die of priapism if he saw this movie. It’s like the cinematic progeny of “Not Without My Daughter” and “Arabian Nights” with a makeover by Valentino. Forget the oppressed women of Abu Dhabi. Let’s buy more bling for the burqa!

Stephen Farber for the Hollywood Reporter:

…she and her friends run up against the puritanical and misogynistic culture of the Middle East. The rather scathing portrayal of Muslim society no doubt will stir controversy, especially in a frothy summer entertainment, but there’s something bracing about the film’s saucy political incorrectness. Or is it politically correct? “SATC 2” is at once proudly feminist and blatantly anti-Muslim, which means that it might confound liberal viewers.

The P.C. left has an either/or proposition. Feminism or appeasement of Islamic culture. They can have one, but they can’t have both.


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Question of the Day

If diversity plus proximity equals war, than why is New York City, the most densely populated major U.S. city, have a lower crime rate than most major U.S. cities, all of which are less densely populated and many of which are less diverse?

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Poll for the Readers

I’m interested in seeing what my readers are attracted to in particular, so I used this body generator to make two distinct bodies. The choice is yours.

Hier wird die Dame präsentiertHier wird die Dame präsentiert


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Dickriding Obama

The Boondocks, one of funniest cartoons on TV had its season premier over the weekend. This will.I.am parody was the highlight:

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