Single Men and Obama

Among some in the Manosphere, the statistic about single women voting 70-28 in favor of Obama is proof of single women’s “selfishly amoral political opinions.” (What is rarely mentioned however is that 56% of unmarried men with no kids, precisely the demographic most likely to visit Manosphere blogs, voted for Barack Obama. This means that unmarried men are to the left of the nation as a whole. Do single men hold “selfishly amoral political opinions”? If not, than what was their motivation in voting for Obama?

I pose some hypothetical questions for those who believe that America’s decline is based on women having the right to vote. If a society wanted to promote a traditionalist agenda, wouldn’t it make more sense to ban single people from voting than to ban women from voting? Keep in mind that the marriage gap is much larger than the gender gap and that Obama would have been elected even if not a single woman had voted. Also, playing off the old Bill Buckley line, would you rather be governed by two-thousand random single men or two-thousand random married women? I await your responses.


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