Barack’s Briar Patch

At least among some African-Americans, the euphoria that they experienced following the election of Barack Obama is waning. Their president is black, but they’re still waiting on that blue Lambo. Hell, they can’t even get the gas and mortgage payments. So Laura Washington of the Chicago Sun Times has a proposal: Have a black primary challenger in 2012! She even thinks that Jesse Jackson, who fathered a child out of wedlock, “still has enough muscle to hold Obama’s feet to the skillet.” If I where Obama, I’d like to respond: “Please don’t throw me in that briar patch!”

The famous clip of Jackson on Fox News whispering that he wanted to cut Obama’s nuts off for “talking down to black folks” showed to white America that Obama was not beholden to black leaders. A primary challenge would demonstrate that even further. Obama will need about 40% of the white vote to get re-elected and he could use a “Sista Soulja moment” like a retread from the 1980’s going after him. African-Americans may have good reason to be critical of the President, but any race-based primary challenge would be counter-productive to their issues. (Although selfishly, I would be very entertained by it.) It would make black leaders look childish and whiny while achieving no practical results. Further, it would cause a chasm between the so-called black leadership and the black community. The bulk of black Democrats will stand by Obama no matter what because even while they might disappointed by the substantive policy of his administration, they still admire him on a personal and historic level and are smart enough to realize that a “blacker” candidate likely would lose among a majority white electorate.


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One response to “Barack’s Briar Patch

  1. Just like no black jury would vote to convict OJ Simpson of murdering two white people, no black jury of voters would vote to convict Obama of murdering the US economy and polarising American society even worse than before.

    And Obama isn’t even African American. He is mentally a leftist white (by upbringing) who tenaciously clung to a fantasy-life as a victimised African-American as his best path to power. And he was right.

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