Sports and Politics

Hotline came out with a pretty interesting survey about the politics of fans of various sports. Not surprisingly, fans of the PGA and college football where the most Republican, but pretty much every major sports leaned Republican (the NBA was an exception). Here are some things I took away from it:

I was somewhat surprised that MLS fans have such a low voter turnout, but I guess their fanbase is largely Hispanic. Soccer in America is a game that everybody under 30 played as a kid, but nobody gives a damn about as an adult.

WWE fans are a lot more pro-Democrat than I would have expected, that doesn’t bode well for Linda McMahon.

Why are Monster Truck fans more Democratic than Motocross fans? I’m guessing Motocross fans are more well-to-do.

Why are minor league baseball fans to the left of the majors? I would think that since the minors are more rural/exurban, the fans would be more Republican.

Tennis fans don’t have as high of a turn-out than I would expect considering that it’s thought of as a wealthier sport.

The biggest NHL fan I knew was my very left-wing friend in college, so it’s a little ironic to me that NHL fans are almost as Republican as bull-riding fans.

Anyone else have thoughts?



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3 responses to “Sports and Politics

  1. Regardless of sport, there are clearly defined winners and losers and they win or lose based on merit. As Republicans claim more conservatives than Democrats, it just makes sense that sports fans, of all stripes, tend to vote Republican. Bad refs are prevalent, but not pernicious enough, to attract people who see life as a battle of the good against the connected.

    More realistically, sports are so low brow. Even if it’s not a solid majority, a slim majority of your Democratic friends watched Puppy Bowl or something else instead of the Super Bowl. And they brag about that fact as it distinguishes them from the troglodytes who are ruining the country with their violence and competitiveness. Sports have emerged as a signaling device.

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  3. Sam

    I found a couple insights surprising in the data…

    I wonder what separates Monster Truck fans and NASCAR fans? I would have hypothesized that they would have similar audiences, but Monster Truck fans are much more liberal

    I was surprised that men’s tennis skewed on the liberal side.

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